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Photo courtesy of Daniel Wildey photography.

My love of the natural environment started from an early age growing up in a rural location with fields, woods and the sea as my play ground. Having the opportunity to spend time making camps and catching fresh fish and game to cook over fires and being able to forage wild foods was part of country life.

I later went on to qualify as a tree surgeon to a consultant level and run my own business whilst still enjoying camping and hiking adventures as a hobby.

I continued to develop a greater thirst for knowledge within the expansive world of bushcraft and old skills of the past.I decided to study my love of the outdoor life further to gain a deeper understanding & formal accreditations with the Advanced Bushcraft Award, Mammal Track and Sign Identification & Practical Ethnobotany certificates to improve my knowledge of plants and understanding of their uses which truly was an eye opening experience. I developed a passion for teaching skills & passing these on through my years in arboriculture or  to my own children, family & friends , cub & scout groups & on the courses I run in beautiful woodlands in the Colchester area.

I hope to meet you on one of my courses!

Glenn Russell

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